Xtreme Adventure 4x4WD Jeep Trip - 'IN2 TE WILD WEST' - July 10, 11 & 12

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Xtreme Adventure 4x4WD Jeep Trip - 'IN2 TE WILD WEST' - July 10, 11 & 12



If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:


From the Directors of


Trek Polamaa’


SUV Mountaineering Xtreme Adventure’




Ride 2 Dive’


Comes the latest offering


Dedicated to our love for










Plans Unveiled for

in2 te WILD WEST

Tiz time itz deadlier..itz dangerous..itz wild!!


Dates July 10,11 n 12th

Location – ‘Hidden Land’ located amidst Tamil Nadu & Kerala Restricted forests.

Joining Criteria – Only Brave MEN & WOMEN.

Expense – Approximately Rs. 4,000.


Day Zero. July 9th  Friday Night –  Journey from Chennai  to Coimbatore.

Day One. July 10th Saturday

- Land in Coimbatore & travel to boders of kerala forests.

-Picked up in 4wd Jeeps & driven through dense reserve wildlife forests.

- Foot Trekking in the sandalwood forests densely inhabited with wild animals, trek would be guided by native Tribals.

- 3hours of Trekking inside the dense forests reaches us to the ‘hidden land’s waterfalls.

- Visit to the ‘Jurassic park’ movie featured giant Pandora leaf trees which grows only in that area now.

- Back to base camp & mount the Jeeps & continue drive through the forests.

- Campfire & overnight stay in a farm house.

Day Two. July 11th Sunday

-Driving in 4wd Jeeps through not a road or off-road but through a horse trail ( Yes, u heard it rite).

-This trail is tough even for 4wd Jeeps, breakdowns/rescue missions would happen.

-Trail crosses through two tribal isolated habitats which are cut off from society.

-Trail crosses through banned crop cultivation areas & Veerappan’s kingdom.

-This Trail takes you from Kerala Forests into Tamil Nadu forests.

Day Three. July 12th Monday

-Camp in the night by a famous lake in Tamil Nadu forests.

-Drive through restricted wildlife forests accompanied by TN Forest officers.

-Trekking through wildlife forests.

-Conquerorz gallop proudly back to Fort Chennai..



Xction RE Xplodes

adventure meets its match @ ctc


<form onsubmit="return window.confirm(&quot;You are submitting information to an external page.\nAre you sure?&quot;);" method="post" action="https://spreadsheets.google.com/formResponse?formkey=dHU4OVhXTHloZHlMXzgxQndIMG81N0E6MQ&amp;ifq" target="_blank">

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Xtreme Adventure 4x4wd Jeep Trip - 'IN2 TE WILD WEST' - July 10,11&12(Update Mail)








Here’s the Final list of our

A-TEAM….err the Adventure Team


1 Hari haran.

2 Prakash.

3 Saravanan.

4 Vimaleesh.

5 Radhika.

6 Vinod.

7 Rahul.

8 Ravikanth.

9 JAI.

10 Aanand.

11 Ramesh.

12 Shylaja.

13 Prabaharan.

14 Sailesh.

15 Vignesh.

16 Shobana Sri.

17 JyothiVel.

18 Satheesh.

19 Dr. Shobana.

20 Sheela Susan.

21. Rajinikandh.

22. John AJ.

23. Vikram Viki.

24. Manoj KN.

25. Ansar.

(We have included only the names who have paid the advance money, if your name is not found above kindly contact Manoj or Viki ).


25 brave Warriors r gonna battle it out tis weekend

In one of the most toughest wars fought yet

in2 te WILD WEST

itz deadlier..itz dangerous..itz wild!!


5 M&M 4X4WD Jeeps are gonna slug it out for three KNIGHTANDDAY

In the most beautiful, most treacherous, most wild & Unxplored virgin forests



Munnar & Kodaikanal

Hope the suspense is broken for the many people who had been asking meJ.


Though we had Discovery & AXN Channel fighting it out to cover the most

Xciting & Xplosive Adventure Trip in South India

v have decided to stick to our UFx Channel owing to our chemistry with Leo’s Team.



Tiz weekend v dine in Hell

This is not madness……..Tizzz is CTC.

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[Post Trek-1] Xtreme Adventure 4x4wd Jeep Trip - July 10,11 n 12th


in2 te WILD WEST

 Wat did 34 brave warriors do on tis 3 day trip???

 Did tey go on a Rigorous & Hard trek thro a elephant & Bison infested forest to te 'Hidden Land' Waterfalls??


  Or Did tey go on a Dangerous & Deadly Mountaineering Ride thro a closed & banned mountaineering trail wer even off-roads did not exist??


 Or Did tey visit te calm berijam lake & go on a Social Trek to visit te Local Tribals & gift tem new shirts, sarees, old cloths & money for teir children’s education??

 Social collage.jpg 



 A Moderate trek


a Deadly Adventure Jeep Trip


a Social Trek??


Write-ups & Picz 


In 24 hours in our Actual Post-trek mail

Tiz was juz a teaser J




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[Post Trek-2] Xtreme Adventure 4x4wd Jeep Trip - July 10,11 n 12th


Its gonna be a week since v returned frm our Xtreme Adventure Jeep Trip & yet te participants do not seem to hav fully recovered

leave alone te organizers who cannot b coaxed into writin or preparin a Post-trek mail,

Hence te axe falls on me again & I had escaped from computers durin te weekend….,but come workday & te task is stil starin at me.


But also starin at me frm my inbox are a few mails frm our Trip members. So takin te easy way out!!

 Am copy pasting te mails below for all, oh yep..,am also gonna read & click te snap links now.

Dear members who had mailed & are featured below, sorry for going public with ur mails, am juzzz tuuuu tiured……snzzzz

Pardon me & do tak time to share ur detailed experiences in our nabble forum.


Rest of the Still-in-daze Jeep trip members, kick urself up & post your snaps/ experiences in our nabble forum.



-First of all and I think I speak on behalf of all participants but one in saying that the "In2 te Wild West" trip was a lot of fun and the organizers did an exemplary job of putting things together...

I can personally say that the organizers on many instances took not one or two but many many steps to keep all in the group well within each other’s comfort zone.

I think all in the group can appreciate the trouble that has gone into planning the trip and ensuring that all goes off smoothly...

Finally I would just like to say that I am itching with anticipation waiting for our next adventure trip planned by the A-Team...

Three cheers for the A-Team...Hip Hip Hurray...

Chin Up guys, don't let things affect the great work you have done in the past or what you are gonna do in the future!!!!!- Aanand Ratan


-An marvelous and adventurous trip organized well.


- Saravanan Rathnavel


-Organizing a trek of this scale is not easy. 

Hats off to the A team organizers for whatever you organized.  First priority is personal safety and primary requirements like food and water.  And of course lots of fun.  You guys deliver on these and that s all matters.

Keep your spirits high, we count on you for organizing many more such trips for the future.

Here s my chunk of pics from my cam .. Tried to reduce whatever I could from the 350 odd pics.



Ramesh B


One of the Best Adventure Rides to be conducted in South India. It was Deadly, It was Beautiful, It was Xciting as promised. I hope that the A team s spirit always as high as before...


- Vignesh chandran


-The amount of planning that is required for an event of this nature is tremendous.  Considering it was done on such a large scale for 3 days (not the usual 1/2 days),  the amount of fun we had was just written over the entire group's faces - the previous mails are a testimony to that.  

I have trekked with other groups, but most of them charge including a small profit on a per person basis.  Keeping in mind the hype travel receives in the present market and the rates, what we enjoyed was unmatchable and worth every penny.  A-Team guyz, you rock!!!  Keep going!!


- Shobhana K Iyer


-This group is built by selfless volunteers. A big cheers to the A Team, for taking all the pain and spending their personal time in organizing such fun filled adventurous trip. You guys ROCK. Looking forward for more and more adventure trips with A Team. Three cheers for the A-Team.


- Ravikanth Kurma.


-Congrats to all the organizers Ansar, Vicky, manoj, john, rajni etc.. they have done a good effort..  organizing such a trip is very difficult as I also involved in such type of activities…expecting more trips organized by the team hope I can participate in all… very all the best and thanking all of you once again - Rahul N U


-The A team did a great job in pulling this one out ... congrats guys ...

- i had  wonderful experience and i thoroughly enjoyed it and got to know many friends.  i would like to thank you guys for all the assistance which made the whole trip the best experience

 i can say dis tour was simply one of the best days of my life ..thank you guys once again:) Sheela


I loved the trip a lot  ..... - Prasanna swaminathan


- first of all thanks for organising the suv 2. after finishing my frist trek doa 2/repeat  was asking other trek friends is there bikes and jeeps so that i get a different experience as i have seen in few advt s and documentaries. so i came to know about this and joined u friends. i experienced and enjoyed, rough tracks thro the forest night camp with thrilling leeches and heavy cold, new friends and their emotions, few locations which i have seen in films, the jeeps we pulled out, the village we went and the pure honey. – Daniel Balaji.


-Every one knows that CTC is run by volunteers who sacrifice their time, sleep and ofcourse money for making such 3 day trek trip a successful one and that too not in same place .. it is in different states. not a tourist spot.. but a trail that no one has attempted.. which includes proper planning of the routes and co-ordination with the drivers and land owners even for negotiating money and many more and the organizers have done perfect in all ways without which we could not have visited all places and enjoyed the trip.

Organizers have done perfect planning without which we could not have visited all places and enjoyed the trip. And also I would like to stretch on one point . I would like to remind him that our actual stay on that night was to be at a school in that village , but our organizers didn’t want us to make uncomfortable as the bathroom were not proper and also had water problem. so we were shifted to a good resort nearby where everybody felt comfortable and had nice pleasant sleep where most of us slept even without drinking any water due to tiredness we had.

This extreme adventure trip was successful because of the extreme planning and co-ordination and I thank the organizers and participants for making this trip a successful one and there was no problem for in this trek. Everybody felt very comfortable and enjoyed. A-TEAM – Hats off on making this successful one with many hardworks and sacrifices. so, please maintain the same spirit and we are all here to support you anytime, anywhere for anycause. - M C A Sailesh


-Its a great effort by A-TEAM organizers and cheers to them!!! Thanks for all their personal time and effort for the selfless cause.


- R M Satheesh Kumar


-this was my first trip with CTC and i must say that it was very well done. a truly wonderful trip and i will carry the memories of this for a very long time.

hey A Team, i would love to join you on more of your trips ( i really wish i was living in chennai and not in palakkad!!!!), do keep me informed and if they fall into place with all my other schedules, i will certainly join in.

keep up the excellent work and look forward to more trips with you!!! a BIG thank you for all your effort and support and love.!! 3 cheers once again guys....- Shylaja Narayanan


- I could say the trip was well organised....Hospitality in this trip was quite amazing...  especially in organising the amazing food everywhere...

 My special thanks to A-TEAM for this wonderful trip and as everyone me too looking forward eagerly to be a part in all the forthcoming SUV events - Jothivel Moorthi.A.C


Jai Krishnan - http://picasaweb.google.com/115476713458873661431/CopyOfJeepDrive?feat=directlink


HariHaran - http://picasaweb.google.com/hari.mech.tpgit/AdventureTrip?authkey=Gv1sRgCID128-I08W1bQ#5493577105668234114


John Anand - hey adventure freaks.. :-p now we all can call ours like that.. here are some proofs ..






Shobana Sriram.

Meanwhile, savour HD videos of the jeep rescue here...

 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODU9f4o1Uu4&hd=1

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfnqTsZvmv8&hd=1



Vikram Viki



 Catch our trip experiences/snaps on the nabble forum
And await newz of the Thrilling Th3rd
SUV/Jeep Adventure Trip destined for September 4th ,5th & 6th.
 Wit tiz the Adventure Team of....in2 te WILD WEST.....are Signing off.....
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Re: [Post Trek-2] Xtreme Adventure 4x4wd Jeep Trip - July 10,11 n 12th

M C A Sailesh
The one i gave Earlier was a feedack and this one is the experience... A SUMMARY......

ADVENTURE - what is it? Most of us know the meaning of it, but only few would have experienced its real meaning in life and I am proud to say that

we were among those few who experienced OFFROAD adventure in the borders of Kerala and Tamilnadu forest mountain range.

let me give you a little of it...

The 9th of july - friday evening, the crew left chennai with excitement in all faces and a suspense of where we will be for the next three days.

The 10th of july -  Trekking


We reached udumalpet around 8.00 and the jeeps were ready to pick up us after  having the breakfast and from here the photographers started to use their machines.

we entered into the chinnar wildlife sanctuary located in the  region of Western Ghats of kerala and headed towards marayoor .The climate changed from here and  we felt the breeze of kerala refreshing our mind.


We reached marayoor to have a dip in thoovanam waterfalls which is one of the spectacular natural wonders and we reached the falls with Guided trekking of about one and half hour from Karimutti Forest Station.

The waterfalls with its breathtaking silvery cascade was an unforgettable experience to us as the water was so cold with  medium current and everybody was having a good time jumping and splashing in the water.. oops ..err... not jumping.. but crawling.. i think that is the corect word as the rocks were
slippery and also the water current was bit high ...

By the time we finish, we felt very very hungry and thought is there any other shortcut to reach the base camp. but unfortunately we had to follow the same trail and while returning we saw some rare species like giant squirrel.

We had a typical kerala style lunch,famous black tea in the camp and mean time the UFX have captured a rare video of a snake swallowing a rat near the trail we used. we all were shocked to see that as this happened somewhere near our trail and we didnt even notice that snake.


We then left to kandalur and reached our night camp site late in the evening and  the route to the night camp was like a offroad travel and the adventure starts from here. The place was very good to spend the whole night here.

Many ideas were thrown to set the tent and finally it was ready before dark and also it was drizzling and meantime few of them collected stones,utensils and unpacked the food for cooking and few went to collect wooden logs.

Then, We had our CTC favourite recipes Veg soup and maggi which was much needed at that time as the temperature was dropping down.

Thanks to all volunteers for setting the tent and cooking the favourite food which needed more planning.That night most of us had a sound sleep (snore).

which made the wild animals to stay away from us.

The 11th of july - SUV mountaineering.


After a cold night sleep, all were happy to see the sunrays falling on  the beautiful mountain valley range as well as on our body also.We left the place with a promsise that we will be visiting the same place again.

The rest of the day was the highlight of the trek where the most of our journey was an offroad adventure travel.

There were no roads,only rock formations,muds and tress fallen on the trail  and the climb was  so steep, the jeep pilots managed very well and crossed many hurdles,but not all.A place came where it was the real test for our pillots to cross. But we didnt.

This is what we all expected and called as OFFROAD ADVENTURE.

We came to a place where the jeep need external force to cross a stream and climbup a steep rock trail.We all got down and tied the rope infront of the jeep and with many volunteers pulling the jeep  to come up was a great experience where  both the strength of us and jeep accelaration has to be applied
simultaneoulsy.( you could have seen in the photo)


The same was done for all the jeeps and we had our lunch over there and by that time all jeeps left the place and waited at the top of the mountain as the route was steep and bumpy where it will be difficult for a fully loaded jeep.. so  we walked for about half an hour to reach that place.

A jeep was about to over turn on the way in the same route and many gave suppport on one side to hold the jeep and later it went for a reverse and then vrooom..... only experienced drivers were able to manage..


Then we entered into tamil nadu forest and we were caught bcoz of being travelled in a restricted area  and to the surprise on the other side we saw a black car with the same situation and it was none other than our Peter(Rest you can ask Peter).

Later we were relaeased and  reached a village near kodai where we had a delicious food for dinner.. and then we stayed in a resort near by where the stay was comfortable and a good sleep thinking of  the thrilling ecperience we had.

The 12th of july - Social Trek to a Tribal Village.

We went to the berijam lake and then reached Vazhagiri - A Tribal village. They gave us a warm welcome with juicy jack fruits and they also gave an abnormal look to us bcoz of the way were eating the fruit.. rushing to get more .... may be.. for them it would have been new... Also we had with pure honey pouring into... and the mystery of the honey bottle still remains... how it came with us?

We had a self introduction with them and we heard about the village peoples request and one of them was that the  childrens are unable to join in any school as they dont have the cast certificates which are neeed to join.A brave and bold woman is fighting as a single for this village to make the childrens get the certificate and change the village as all are sleeping outside the home which was built my government for them.We gave our words that we will be coming again and serve for
this village.

We then distributed new sarees, new shirts and old clothes to the villagers and then came down the mountain after having loads of fun with the wild.

We had a good drama on the go.... the main character was Dr.Shobhana. Hope she enjoyed it and after a grand success of it,  we reached the last

destination around 8.30 pm and left to chennai carrying the memories to be shown and shared.

Thanks to the organizers  making this trip a fun filled,memorable one. Thanks to all the participants for making this a fun filled one. See you all soon in

the forth coming treks...

It was a like a combo where we had trekking,SUV moutaineering,Trek for a social cause. looking forward to see more like this.

Experience more by having a look into the photos.
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Re: [Post Trek-2] Xtreme Adventure 4x4wd Jeep Trip - July 10,11 n 12th

An Amazing Trip and  a testimony to CTC's mantra "Journey > Destination".... Many Thanks to the organizers or rather  "The Masters- Ansar, John, Rajini, Manoj and Viki" ... If their efforts visible during the trip were inexplicable, Oh My God ! all that they would have done prior to the trip is just unimaginable... Very meticulously planned one to the extent that you get a sumptuous meal even at the uninhabited territory. Thoroughly enjoyed the group and the trip.. Awaiting the next call
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Re: [Post Trek-2] Xtreme Adventure 4x4wd Jeep Trip - July 10,11 n 12th

Saravanan Rathnavel
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Re: [Post Trek-2] Xtreme Adventure 4x4wd Jeep Trip - July 10,11 n 12th

Saravanan Rathnavel
Link to a video of Jeeps struggling to cross a small patch of land on the way.
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Re: [Post Trek-2] Xtreme Adventure 4x4wd Jeep Trip - July 10,11 n 12th

Another video of how the 6 jeeps were struggling...

Adventure with SUV's - The true edition...
Regards Jothi vel moorthy.AC
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Re: [Post Trek-2] Xtreme Adventure 4x4wd Jeep Trip - July 10,11 n 12th


Ansar's speech during the social cause...

Jothi vel moorthy.AC
Regards Jothi vel moorthy.AC
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Re: [Post Trek-2] Xtreme Adventure 4x4wd Jeep Trip - July 10,11 n 12th

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Re: [Post Trek-2] Xtreme Adventure 4x4wd Jeep Trip - July 10,11 n 12th


Here goes the link mates...
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Re: Xtreme Adventure 4x4WD Jeep Trip - 'IN2 TE WILD WEST' - July 10, 11 & 12

In reply to this post by Ansar
Do we need car or bike to join this adventure......and how much it cost......please reply to my mail id: sekarbeess@gmail.com when u read thi message..............THANK YOU!

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Xtreme Adventure 4x4WD Jeep Trip - 'IN2 TE WILD WEST' - July 10, 11 & 12

In reply to this post by Ansar
Dear Ansar,
I want to join from Bangalore. If confirmed I shall meet you (group CTC) at Coimbatore for the scheduled hike. Please reply/sms your mobile number 9449632421 / drharishbabu@yahoo.co.in

Personal details.
35 yrs/M, Doctor working with Cent Govt Institute
Habitual Hiker & Royal Enfield Bulleteer riding long distances.
Usual treks mostly in Karnataka with colleagues/enthusiasts other clubs, at times have gone alone and completed when guys don't turn up.
Frequency fortnightly
Have been eagerly watching Team CTC since last 3 years 7 waiting for an oppurtunity
I too share the same passion as well as follow similar rules like the ones you have at CTC  

With regards
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Re: Xtreme Adventure 4x4WD Jeep Trip - 'IN2 TE WILD WEST' - July 10, 11 & 12

In reply to this post by Ansar
Dear Friend, This is Vinoth from Coimbatore. I would like to join this adventure from Coimbatore. Can i have any of your contact no to know about this schedule in detail..? My mobile no is 9842298109..!