Social Causes

Hello CTCians,
every now and then, we get new requests for social help in different different areas and work. Sometimes, it calls for contribution, sometimes time. We normally discourage to send these requests to spam our entire group. But we don't want to discourage social help and hence, all such requests can go in this forum henceforth. Those interested, can check out this forum once a while and also can "subscribe via email" so that you get notifications as and when new request is made.
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MY CLEAN BUS campaign for Chennai by Nimal Raj
by Nimal Raj
Food Supply for CTC Trekkers by Nandini Muthusubrama...
by Nandini Muthusubrama...
Help needed for brain surgery by Baskar Krishnan
by Baskar Krishnan
Underprivileged Kids who is suffering from Cancer Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia need Help by Saba
by Saba
Play a meaningful (and safe) Holi this time by Aishwarya Mishra
by Aishwarya Mishra
Chennai Social Service(NGO) - 4th Year Anniversary | Blood Donation Camp with VHS by Sridhr
by Sridhr
Requisition for equipments sponsorship to run Any Time Blood Bank, a charitable group to service the community by Nirmal
by Nirmal
Important information - Kindly share with all your friends by Mohammad Rafi Shaik
by Mohammad Rafi Shaik
assistance for visually challenged by Komandur_Kannan
by Komandur_Kannan
Inviting CTCians for the Educational trip of SWF Vellore learning center children. by Anand_Vz
by Anand_Vz
Open Ignite - Shobhana Show for charity by Samyak
by Samyak