Heritage Photography Trek to Udayagiri Fort - 13th October, 2012 - Saturday

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Heritage Photography Trek to Udayagiri Fort - 13th October, 2012 - Saturday

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Registrations will be closed on Thursday, 11/10/2012 at 8 pm

Heritage Photography Trek to Udayagiri Fort - 13th October, 2012 - Saturday

Calling out all the shutter bugs, riders, trekkers and history people out there

Let’s explore the architectural wonders of less known Udayagiri Fort which lies near Nellore in Andhra Pradesh.


In history it is known to be an impregnable fort where Krishna Deva Raya took 18 months to conquer from Gajapatis in 1512.

Persian Architecture can also be found on the hill with 2 mosques by Chieftains of Golconda

More on Udayagiri:
Quote – “The hill is mentioned in the Ramayana, where Hanuman, the monkey god carried the hill to Lanka for a rare herb called as Sanjeevini, which is found on this hill, to cure Lakshman. After serving its purpose, the hill was supposedly thrown by Hanuman from a great height into the same place. The hill landed upside down, and till this day one can find many boulders strewn around the hill. Also it is believed that some trees grow upside down too! The hill has crystal clear water flowing downhill from an unknown source, which till date has not been found. The water from the hill is used for drinking by all the people of Udayagiri.”

Wikipedia- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Udayagiri,_Andhra_Pradesh
Route map - http://goo.gl/maps/kc8K3
Joining Criteria
If you:
1.     Can Ride/Travel for 300 Kms and hike and again travel 300 Kms

2.      have some interested in photography (Camera not mandatory)

3.      Withstand heat, dehydration, tan, rains etc etc.

4.      are interested in History, archaeology, architecture, mythology

Then you are most welcome to join!
Team Size
20 People.
People with own vehicles, Contribution to CTC events, interest in Photography and History will be given preference.
Trip Agenda
Destination -
 Chennai – Udayagiri – Chennai
Trip distance -
600 Kms Max (Both Ways)
Date -
13-10-2012 (Saturday Morning) to 13-10-2012 (Saturday Night)
Ride -
Medium paced (60-70 kmph and planning to reach in 4 hours)
Cost -
Petrol – Price will be shared by all participants + food expense to be shared. Approximately Rs 1000
Food -
Along the way. We will be taking packed Lunch which we will have on top
Mandatory -
 HELMET mandatory for all Bikers
·          CTC is a non-profit group and accounts will be shared transparently with all participants

·         Feedback or complaint from any CTC member on the group, event, organizer, safety or accounts can be raised to thecore@chennaitrekkers.org

·         Participants who enage in irresponsible, disrespectful or unsafe behavior will be blacklisted from future CTC events

·         Participants must read and sign CTC event disclaimer below

Contact me if any queries -
Arun – arunsekhar1@gmail,com, 9940045201

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Coming from *
 Tidel Park
 Madhya Kailash
 Ashok Pillar
 Anna Nagar
 Red Hills

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Are you a *
 Model (Take my photo! Take my photo! Take my photo!)
 Writer (Post Trip Write up)

Thoughts *

Condition *My vehicle is in excellent condition. I will not delay the group due to basic issues with my vehicle.* *

Responsible behavior *Littering/polluting, smoking, consuming alcohol and anti- social behavior are strictly prohibited within the group. *

Member guidelines *https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B97Sb1o-r5OeMWJiYTc0NjQtYWI1NS00YjJkLWI4NjEtZDI0MTFhZWYwYmY4&hl=en_US * *

Disclaimer *https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1xH3oJUPo07Sgb2d8ccYLgMfkKWGe0z-bVGA_PMxGLp8 * *

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