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New to trekking? New to CTC? First timer questions? 28 35
by Conner82
101 248
by Billhofstra
Any doubts, queries, issues on using this forum 9 17
by kikiwatches
Share info, ask questions related to trekking gear
Sub-Forums: Gear Vendors
27 69
by Sherten
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Treks and photos before Aug 2010 2 2
by Pocoroba
Share your experiences, photos, ask questions on CTC treks. 299 2619
by Billhofstra
CTC Bikers, Join here, Burn Yer Rubbers. Yo! 62 290
by 7fkuvf83
Suggest which social causes to support, CTC takes out underprivileged groups 51 416
by 7fkuvf83
33 232
by Palmer
First aid, photography, maps & navigation, snake handling and more 23 149
by Pocoroba
12 49
by Pocoroba
19 480
by Vinoth
Discussion forum for the photography enthusiasts in CTC 38 152
by fixwill
5 21
by peter.vangeit
1 18
by nithyanandan viswana...
8 37
by Anshul
Anything self-powered on wheels goes here ;-) 29 107
by james1990
Suggest new trekking locations, include photos, google map, agenda, details 13 24
by Joanpreethy
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44 63
by Channabasava
This discussion thread is meant to serve as a quick reference for the person aspiring to join the "Basic Mountaineering Course" in an Indian mountaineering institute. Ppl with the requisite knowledge and/or experience of these courses please share your knowledge here, preferably tou... 2 4
by devendra
Hello CTCians,
every now and then, we get new requests for social help in different different areas and work. Sometimes, it calls for contribution, sometimes time. We normally discourage to send these requests to spam our entire group. But we don't want to discourage social help and hence, all such requests can go in this forum henceforth. Those interested, can check out this forum once a while and also can "subscribe via email" so that you get notifications as and when new request is made.
11 11
by Nimal Raj
Lets share our knowledge about foods that can be made/had on treks under this thread only. Just reply to this post, copy/paste the below format, and add your input. It may be a recipe of food or just the address where you get certain ready-made food items. This is going to help future trek o... 2 3
by vicky
Find the various methods of making camp fire pit and cooking with camp fire 0 0
by ravisghosh
The Club Topics Posts Last Post
1 29
by peter.vangeit
There are many women who are interested in fashion Topics Posts Last Post
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Nike Air Force 1 Low Soldes Topics Posts Last Post
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There are many wide shoe stores that offer a variety of shoes for various purposes Topics Posts Last Post
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What is the best free photo editor? Topics Posts Last Post
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by michaelacpca
This footwear is suitable for one week or more Topics Posts Last Post
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I don't want Michael Kors Outlet Online to have neighbors so close when I retire Topics Posts Last Post
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Diet Drinkers Aren't Off The Hook Topics Posts Last Post
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choosing the best clipping path service provider company Topics Posts Last Post
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Defended as being. Topics Posts Last Post
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The majority of the sweater is black Topics Posts Last Post
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How we see Bilquis and furthermore absolutely adore through this season Topics Posts Last Post
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Redskins Scherff Topics Posts Last Post
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The people that showed Polito Topics Posts Last Post
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The particular subtle destination Topics Posts Last Post
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The out of this world GTLM have a supercharged 420 h Topics Posts Last Post
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What Is The Sizing For Yeezy Boost 350 Topics Posts Last Post
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